On 27 June 2019 the implementation of the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX was officially extended to 14 February 2020. This change will allow us to better align our activities to the results with the „Electronic Xchange of e-Evidences with e-CODEX“ Project (EXEC) and the work done by DG Justice and Consumers with respect to the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System.

e-CODEX is a content agnostic e-Delivery infrastructure that supports cross-border e-Justice services. The EXEC project is going to extend/strengthen some components of e-CODEX to manage the evidence exchange use case. While e-CODEX operates at international level, on national level the respective national systems are in play.

The e-Evidence Digital Exchange System, provided by the EC, is the system that manages the EIO/MLA procedures/instruments: e-Forms, business logic, statistics, log, etc. The Reference Implementation is the front-end portal of the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System and is also provided by the EC.

In addition, the three projects are currently planning a joint conference on judicial cooperation in the criminal field to take place in January 2020.

Stay tuned for more information!