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“EVIDENCE2e-CODEX Linking EVIDENCE into e-CODEX for EIO and MLA procedures in Europe” Project (EVIDENCE2e-CODEX) aims to facilitate and encourage international cooperation in the criminal sector between the involved Member State authorities by improving the conditions for a secure and fast exchange of electronic evidence in the EU. In pursuit of this objective the project will develop a uniform framework for the easy and reliable exchange of electronic evidence in the specific context of the European Investigation Order in criminal matters (EIO) and Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) Procedure, regulated by the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, adopted by the Council of Europe.

The lack of internal border control in EU and the increasing use of Internet technologies give EU criminality a cross-border dimension. Consequently, fast and secure procedures for access and exchange of electronic evidence in foreign jurisdictions is a vital prerequisite for the effective fight against crime. In response to the needs, EVIDENCE2e-CODEX builds upon the achievements of two projects - e-CODEX (2010-2016) and EVIDENCE (2014-2016), combining the EVIDENCE Road Map for harmonizing the exchange of electronic evidence in EU with the e-CODEX technological instruments used for the cross-border exchange of information between MS authorities in the field of justice.

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