On October 12th, 2018, European Commission organized a one-day meeting within the transnational initiative for facilitating the electronic exchange of digital evidence among competent authorities in Europe and expediting the judicial cooperation inside and outside Europe.

The main aim of the event was to provide each Member State with technical details about the Exchange of Digital Evidence, how to represent its meta data, how to manage this meta data with the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application and how to handle the exchange of large file of evidence. Each Member State may internally discuss these details with technical and legal colleagues and give us back feedback in terms of comments, criticisms, improvements, issues, doubts, etc.

EVIDENCE2e-CODEX was invited to present its goals and current state of achievements. Following the event’s discussions, the project coordination team prepared a special overview of the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX solution for further feedback from the Member States’ local teams.

The presentation of the project technical solution can be found here.