Lead Beneficiary CNR-IGSG (former Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques - CNR-ITTIG)
Start Month 1
End Month 24
Objectives To coordinate, administer and manage the various project activities in order to ensure that they are carried out effectively and successfully

The coordinator will be responsible for the project coordination and administration and will ensure that the project will be carried out within the scope, planning and budget while guaranteeing the quality of the deliverables and the overall project result.

Task 1.1. Project start-up (M1)

Task 1.2. Coordinating and leading the Steering Committee (M1-M24)

Task 1.3. Liaising with members of External Advisory Board (M1-M24)

Task 1.4. Scientific and operational management (M1-M24)

Task 1.5. Preparation of Interim and Final Reports (M11-M13, M21-M24)

Task 1.6. Development and implementation of a Dissemination and Communication Strategy (M1-M24)

Task 1.7. Coordination with European Commission (M1-M24)

Task 1.8. Quality assurance (M1-M24)

Task 1.9. Internal evaluation (M1-M24)

Deliverables WP1 Deliverables
Lead Beneficiary RUG
Start Month 1
End Month 24

To investigate how the European Investigation Order Directive is transposed and implemented in national legislation in selected EU Member States

To analyse which (legal and/or operational) measures are required to establish successful execution of European Investigation Order (EIO) between Member States

To analyse how EIO and mutual legal assistance (MLA) procedures (especially in the context of requests for evidence from third countries) interact

To identify which legal and/or operational measures need to be put in place to further improve requests for electronic evidence using MLA procedures

To examine how data protection implications in EIO and MLA procedures are being handled and to identify legal and/or operation measures that need to be put in place to ensure respect to data protection rights

To identify best practices that are in place in the Member States participating in the project


WP2 ‘Legal Issues’ includes the following tasks:

Task 2.1. Legal issues analysis – EIO (M1-M9)

Task 2.2. Legal and/or operational measures for successful EIO between Member States (M9-M15)

Task 2.3. Legal issues analysis – MLA (M1-M9)

Task 2.4. Data Protection and other fundamental rights issues (M1-M9)

Task 2.5. Identifying best practices in the implementation of EIO (M9-M15)

Task 2.6. Validation of comparative analysis (M16-M24)

Deliverables WP2 Deliverables
Lead Beneficiary CNR-IGSG (former Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques - CNR-ITTIG)
Start Month 1
End Month 24

To integrate the formal language for representing and supporting the Electronic Evidence Exchange process in an electronic evidence platform based on e-CODEX architecture, and developing plugin modules for other systems in use by EU institutions (EUROJUST, OLAF, and EUROPOL).

To create synergies with the e-MLA Project at INTERPOL


WP3 ‘Matching EVIDENCE into e-CODEX and Linking to Other EU Member States’ includes the following tasks:

Task 3.1. Refining standard EVIDENCE proposal for the representation of the data in the Exchange process (M1-M9)

Task 3.2. Development of a workflow management application for managing, importing and exporting evidence standard packages (M3-M12)

Task 3.3. Development of at least two scenarios for packing/unpacking evidence transported over e-CODEX (M6-M15)

Task 3.4. ‘True to life’ example including Privacy by Design implementation. Internal validation workshops (M18-M24)

Deliverables WP3 Deliverables
Lead Beneficiary INTERPOL
Start Month 1
End Month 24

To provide stakeholders with ‘ready for use’ information on EIO, electronic evidence and e-CODEX


WP4 ‘Stakeholder Engagement, Mutual learning and Capacity Building for Professionals, Policy Makers and Technicians’ includes the following tasks:

Task 4.1. Identifying and mapping stakeholders (M1-M6)

Task 4.2. Workshop 1: Meeting the legal community (M8-M11)

Task 4.3. Workshop 2: Meeting the technical community (M12-M15)

Task 4.4. Workshop 3: Merging views (M18-M21)

Task 4.5. Action plan for EU implementation of the ‘true to life’ example in all Member States (M20-M24)

Deliverables WP4 Deliverables