3-4 December 2018

DG Home and Community of Users on Secure, Safe, and Resillient Societies


Under the European Commission DG HOME umbrella, the 12th Meeting of the Community of Users on Safe, Secure and Resilient Societies covered three topics: forensics, civil-military cooperation in CBRN, and standardisation governance. The event was organised around the uptake/follow-up of research results and consisted of three panels, in function of the maturity of the projects (closed or to be closed soon, on-going and new projects).

EVIDENCE2e-CODEX and its predecessor EVIDENCE were presented during the Workshop on Forensics on 3 December 2018. The short presentations were delivered by Fabrizio Turchi – a representative of the Project Coordinating institution CNR-ITTIG, with respect to vital data as timeframe, EC contribution and goals (EVIDENCE) and the [expected] results (EVIDENCE2e-CODEX). The latter has been a significant uptake of EVIDENCE and a ten-minute introductory presentation was dedicated to key elements of both projects.

Mr Turchi, along with the workshop participants, also discussed in a round of discusses: the main forensics tools/methods that the projects aim to develop; to which end-users these tools/methods are aimed to; the projects’ respective uptakes and which obstacles have been faced during these processes (lessons learnt), and how they can be improved. In addition, the participants also shared their experience with regards to the involvement of end-users in the projects, in which steps of the projects’ implementation they were involved in and what was the lessons learns from this exchange.

More information about the event can be found at: 12th Meeting of the Community of Users on Safe, Secure and Resilient Societies page.