12 December

European Commission, DG Justice and Consumerns

The e-Evidence Project led by the European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers, provides for the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System that manages the European Investigation Order/Mutual Legal Assistance procedures/instruments (e-Forms, business logic, statistics, log, etc.) on European level. The Reference Implementation Portal is the front-end portal of the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System and is also provided by the EC. The system setup reflects the principle, followed by e-CODEX, that interoperability is achieved through common requirements, leaving to the participants the maximum level of autonomy in supporting those requirements.

The e-Evidence Digital Exchange System was launched on 12 December 2019 with a one-day event under the umbrella of the Expert Group on the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System. Representatives of DG Justice and Consumers presented the system, the existing national plans for deployment, and the overall road map towards development of new features and adoption by MSs. Special sessions were dedicated to security aspects and support services. Another session features presentation of related projects, implemented on EU level, with impact on e-Evidence Digital Exchange System development, including EXEC, EVIDENCE2e-CODEX and the new sister project TREIO (to start in April 2020).

EVIDENCE2e-CODEX representatives took part in the discussions alongside more than 80 MSs' representatives.