27-28 September 2018, Florence, Italy



EJTN organized a one-day-and-a-half criminal justice training on cybercrime issues “Evidence in the Cloud: New Challenges in Collecting Evidence on Cyberspace in the European Union”, based on a ‘learn-by-doing’ methodology. Judges and prosecutors from all member States were involved in a series of practical workshops addressing problems of jurisdiction and international cooperation in cybercrime, working on case scenarios inspired by real facts and involving both national and crossborder judicial cooperation.

The seminar addressed such issues as international framework on cybercrime, the conflict of jurisdiction and cross-border access to data, remote access to digital data, open source evidence, international cooperation in criminal matters in the light of the EIO. Participants were assisted by international and national experts, Europol and Eurojust representatives.

Colleagues from the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX also presented on cybercrime substantive and procedural provisions in international instruments and domestic laws (Prof. Jeanne Mifsud Bonnici, University of Groningen) and on the treatment and exchange of electronic evidence across countries (Maria Angela Biasotti and Fabrizio Turchi, CNR-ITTIG).