EVIDENCE2e-CODEX aims at creating a legally valid instrument to exchange digital evidence related to MLA and EIO procedures over e-CODEX by providing the legal and technical communities with ‘ready to use’ information on EIO, digital evidence and e-CODEX and a ‘true to life’ example of how electronic evidence can be shared over e-CODEX in a secure and standardized way to support MLA and EIO cases. The Evidence Exchange Standard Package (EESP) application represents the heart and soul of this technical solution. Learn more about project activities and added value.

Following the first three months of the project development, WP3 Team organized their second technical meeting on 31 May 2018 in Florence to discuss:

  • Evidence Package preparation and exchange: encryption strategy, EESP manifest, impact on e-CODEX;
  • issues related to small-sized file handling (with limit up to 2GB) and large-sized file handling;
  • the business model of e-CODEX and e-Evidence and the role played by each project in processing an EIO/MLA issuing;
  • different use cases; and
  • the EESP application.

Documents related to the meeting can be found in the WP3 Repository.