March 2019

Public Event (Invitations Only)

The Hague, the Netherlands

To achieve WP3 ‘Matching EVIDENCE into e-CODEX and Linking to other EU Member States’ goals, it will be of utmost importance to break down the electronic evidence life cycle in simple phases in order to verify the capacity of the formal language to store the forensic and legal information related to the current status of the evidence. Five different phases can be easily distinguished: initialization of the case, search and seizure, acquisition, analysis taking into consideration the preservation and the chain of custody. Relying on pseudo-anonymization of real cases, a simulation on how the formalism represents all the involved information will be prepared in order to evaluate the strengths and the weakness of the chosen formalism within the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX Project. For each phase the needed amendments will be applied and verified with the main stakeholders involved in the electronic evidence handling.

The verification of the structure under development, will be discussed within a serious of workshops in order to include feedback from the scientific community and judicial authorities (public prosecutors, judges, LEAs, etc.).

The present WP3 workshop is the third and final event of the WP3 series and will be, again, dedicate to finalizing specifications of the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application. It will gather together both digital forensic and legal experts.