25-26 September 2019

Public Event (Invitations Only)

Florence, Italy


The workshop is jointly organised by two European projects, namely EVIDENCE2e-CODEX and “Electronic Xchange of e-Evidences with e-CODEX” (EXEC), with the participation of the e-Evidence project led by the European Commission. The three projects are working together to achieve a common goal: exchanging digital evidence in a digital manner among Competent Authorities in the EU Member States and beyond, under the EIO/MLA instruments.

As you might already know, the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX project aims at:

using the UCO/CASE as the language standard for the representation of the information of the Evidence Package or EP (data and meta data related to an evidence);

developing the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application (EESP), a web application for creating/preparing the EP and facilitating its exchange through the Reference Implementation and e-CODEX. The EESP application supports the UCO/CASE language and provide for:

creating an Evidence Package, after a search and seizure;

importing a report from a forensic tool in an Evidence Package, after a forensic acquisition;

reading the content of an Evidence Package and showing its content in a user-friendly way;

importing an Evidence Package from the Competent Authority of the Executing State in the Evidence Package already in the hands of the Competent Authority of the Issuing State;

exporting an Evidence Package for its further exchange.

The workshop will put focus on the following main objectives:

Actions and progress on legal issues for EIO and MLA in MSs;

Practical labs for the use of the Reference Implementation Portal (provided by EC) and the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application (EESP);

Interactions between the EESP and the Reference Implementation Portal.


To be expected on 15 August 2019.


To be expected on 15 September 2019 and after the event (as applicable).