In the context of the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System Initiative (as part of the e-Evidence Project led by the European Commission), and in relation to the projects co-funded by the European Commission and facilitating the implementation of this trans-European system, DG JUST organized an one-day meeting in the Commission premises to discuss, align and synchronise their activities to enhance the collaboration between all involved stakeholders and benefit from each-others experiences and best practices.

The meeting took place in Brussels on 23 July 2019 and covered, amongst other, the following topics:

Status overview of each project;

Best practices sharing;

Roadmap and planning;

Cross-border collaboration.

EVIDENCE2e-CODEX provides for the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application that integrates the formal language for representing and supporting the electronic evidence exchange process (CASE) in an electronic evidence platform. A significant part of our work is the interactions between the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application and the Reference Implementation Portal, designed under the e-Evidence project and being the front-end portal of the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System.