The Working Party on e-Law uses new communication and information technologies (ICTs) to simplify judicial procedures and to provide European and national information in the field of justice through the e-Justice portal.

The working party has two formations, which focus on following issues:

The e-Law Formation develops EUR-Lex, legal database and information systems, follows up on development of N-Lex, follows up the future of Official Journal of the EU, handles the exchange of information and know-how among member states, and communicates with international organisations and non-EU countries in the field of e-Law.

The e-Justice Formation examines the implementation of the European e-Justice Action Plan, prepares Council decisions necessary to achieve the objectives of the e-Justice Action Plan, and handles the e-Justice portal (an electronic one-stop-shop in the field of justice, mainly civil, criminal and administrative law).

The Working Party on e-Law members meet regularly in discussing the e-Justice development progress and various contributions from MSs.

The last meeting was conducted on 28 January 2020 and included, among other topics, a presentation of the ‘Digital Cross-Border Cooperation in Criminal Justice’ Conference's results by DG Justice and Consumers. The conference was great success bringing together 118 professionals from 68 different organizations from EU and beyond, and providing for an all-round vision on the digital cross-border cooperation in criminal matters on EU level!