DFRWS EU was held for a sixth year in a row and took place at the KRIPOS Headquarters at Bryn, Oslo, on 24th-26th April 2019. The DFRWS conference brings together leading researchers, practitioners, industry, tool developers, academics, law enforcement, and military from around the globe to tackle current and emerging challenges in digital forensics. More about the event can be found here.

The EVIDENCE2e-CODEX Project representatives actively participated in the Conference discussions on electronic evidence exchange, by

Participating in a dedicated CASE Workshop: CASE is an international open-source and community-developed ontology/specification language that aims at covering this gap in the most inclusive manner possible. More on the use of CASE in the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX developments can be found here.

Presenting during Day 3 on "Advancing the Exchange of Cyber-Investigation Information Between Organizations and Across Borders Using CASE" over the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX advancements in the field.

Further information, photos and both presentations can be found in our Dissemination Section.