Just a few days to the ‘Digital Cross-Border Cooperation in Criminal Justice’ Conference!

Check out our latest EVIDENCE2e-CODEX Evidence Exchange in a Nutshell to prepare for the event and familiarize with the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application and its features! It is a web application for creating and/or preparing the evidence packaging and facilitating its exchange through the Reference Implementation Portal over the e-CODEX infrastructure using a language standard for the representation of the information of the evidence package (data and meta data related to an evidence)!

An important prerequisite towards the development of the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX technological solution for exchanging digital evidence in a trusted, secure and admissible manner was the better understanding the implementation of the EIO Directive . The project team performed an in-depth analysis of the different realities existing across EU identifying the status quo of implementation of the EIO Directive and defining barriers and gaps hampering the full enrolment of EIO. All EVIDENCE2e-CODEX workshops and meetings were carried out in close collaboration with domain stakeholders: judicial authorities (judges, public prosecutors, and investigative judges), court staff including administrative and ICT staff, institutional training authorities, lawyers, law enforcement authorities; digital forensic experts and tools’ developers, EU institutions dealing with cross-border cooperation, academia and civil society; discussing and consulting major project developments and ensuring the validation of the project results along the way.

EVIDENCE2e-CODEX activities resulted in an Action Plan for EU implementation of the ‘true to life’ example to be put in place for the effective use of EIO across EU Member States. The Action Plan is to be presented and discussed with stakeholders during the upcoming joint ‘Digital Cross-Border Cooperation in Criminal Justice’ Conference.