EVIDENCE2e-CODEX is organizing a workshop on 'Meeting the Technical Community: Validation of the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application' on 26-27 March 2019 in The Hague, the Netherlands! It is a two-day joint WP3/WP4 event engaging the technical community with the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX achievements and goals. The project team will inform technicians that serve the legal community on the available instruments and what the back office should bring to make use of evidences and e-CODEX. The project team will also collect issues surfacing at technical level that require policies and get feedback from participants on possible solutions.

Check out the agenda and all related details by following the link above!


To achieve WP3 ‘Matching EVIDENCE into e-CODEX and Linking to other EU Member States’ goals, it will be of utmost importance to break down the electronic evidence life cycle in simple phases in order to verify the capacity of the formal language to store the forensic and legal information related to the current status of the evidence: initialization of the case, search and seizure, acquisition, analysis taking into consideration the preservation and the chain of custody. Relying on pseudo-anonymization of real cases, a simulation on how the formalism represents all the involved information is to be prepared in order to evaluate the strengths and the weakness of the chosen formalism within the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX Project.

The project team is working hard to produce a 'true to life' working solution by integrating the formal language for representing and supporting the electronic evidence exchange process in an electronic evidence platform based on e-CODEX architecture, and developing plugin modules for other systems in use by EU institutions (EUROJUST, OLAF, and EUROPOL), i.e. the future Evidence Exchange Standard Package (EESP). We are currently at the final stages of validating different aspects and functionalities and we welcome the technical community to express their opinions and views in two days of extensive discussions.

More information on the previous workshops on these matters: Workshop on the Formal Language for Evidence Exchange Representation and WP3 Interim Workshop on Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application.