EVIDENCE2e-CODEX is closely working with the 'Intelligence Network & Secure Platform for Evidence Correlation and Transfer' (INSPECTr) Project. It has received funding under H2020's Security Research Agenda.

The principal objective of INSPECTr will be to develop a shared intelligent platform and a novel process for gathering, analysing, prioritising and presenting key data to help in the prediction, detection and management of crime in support of multiple agencies at local, national and international level. This data will originate from the outputs of free and commercial digital forensic tools complemented by online resource gathering.

Using both structured and unstructured data as input, the developed platform will facilitate the ingestion and homogenisation of this data with increased levels of automisation, allowing for interoperability between outputs from multiple data formats. Various knowledge discovery techniques will allow the investigator to visualise and bookmark important evidential material and export it to an investigative report. In addition to providing basic and advanced (cognitive) cross-correlation analysis with existing case data, this technique will aim to improve knowledge discovery across exhibit analysis within a case, between separate cases and ultimately, between interjurisdictional investigations.

INSPECTr will deploy big data analytics, cognitive machine learning and blockchain approaches to significantly improve digital and forensics capabilities for pan-European LEAs.

INSPECTr also intends to reduce the complexity and the costs in law enforcement agencies and related actors to use leading edge analytical tools proportionally and in line with relevant legislation (including fundamental rights), with extended options for multi-level and cross-border collaboration for both reactive and preventive policing and facilitate the detection/prediction of cybercrime operations/trends. The final developed platform will be freely available to all LEAs.