The kick-off meeting of the „Electronic Xchange of e-Evidences with e-CODEX“ Project (EXEC) was held in Florence, Italy on 8–9 March 2018.

The EXEC project is part of the e-CODEX family and enables the participating Member States to exchange European Investigation Orders (EIO) and related e-evidences fully electronically through existing national back end solutions or the Reference Implementation provided by the European Commission. The e-CODEX Building Blocks (DOMIBUS Gateway and Connector) build the exchange infrastructure to facilitate the electronic delivery of EIO and e-evidences.

The project is funded by Justice and Consumers General Directorate of the European Commission under Justice Programme 2014-2020, and is coordinated by the Austrian Ministry of Justice.

Key partners of the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX Consortium took part in the meeting to ensure the synchronization of communication and organizational activities and the quality of the common activities between EXEC and EVIDENCE2e-CODEX.