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The ‘Digital Cross-Border Cooperation in Criminal Justice’ Conference, which will be held in Brussels on the 21-22 of January 2020, is organized within the joint framework of EVIDENCE2e-CODEX, EXEC and e-Evidence Projects. The joint event is focused on bringing together different stakeholders actively working in the field of digital cross-border judicial cooperation in criminal matters – including policy makers, judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies, service providers, civil society and academia – to collectively share knowledge and experience, think together, and develop recommended ways forward on EU-wide application of the projects’ tools.

The event will provide for expert presentations and active discussions on several closely related fields:

Up-to-date legal and policy issues in the field of digital cross-border cooperation;

Most recent IT and infrastructure developments facilitating the legal instruments;

Evidence exchange and standards facilitating the cross-border investigations;

The changes in the legal professions to reflect on the pressing legal and technology needs;

The active involvement of law enforcement agencies in the judicial cooperation chain;

The role of the private sector in the judicial cooperation data flow; and

EU best practices and lessons learnt on the adoption of the cross-border cooperation tools.

The event will close with a series of short presentations on the action plan and steps forward undertaken by the project partners to rollout and continue their efforts in the field.

You can find more information about the event here.