The increasing number of criminal cases with cross border elements shows the need for improved judicial cooperation in criminal law procedures. In the EVIDENCE Project (2014-2016) a standard called ‘Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application’ was created in order to make it easier to use electronic evidence across EU’s internal borders. In the new project - EVIDENCE2e-CODEX, the achievements of the EVIDENCE Project are combined with the e-CODEX solution for cross border case-related data exchange.

Being one of the key projects on EU level in the field of electronic evidence and their cross-border exchange, EVIDENCE2e-CODEX was invited to take part in the ‘Future of the e-Justice in the EU and the New Technologies in Services of Judiciary’ Conference, jointly organized by Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and European Commission via DG Justice and Consumers.

Dr. Maria Angela Biassioti, project coordinating person, and Fabrizio Turchi, technical expert in the Project Coordinator team, took part in the morning session on 15 May 2018 dedicated to the links, interactions and efficiency of the electronic evidence exchange programme in service of judicial authorities in the Member States. They have presented the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX project and its concept and expected results as well as how it fits the overall agenda of the EC towards enhancing the e-Justice development.

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