EVIDENCE2e-CODEX organized a two-day event engaging the technical and legal community with validating the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX technical solution and discussing several major issues on the electronic evidence exchange. 'Meeting the Technical Community: Validation of the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application' Workshop took place on 26-27 March 2019 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The participation of the major stakeholders in the EU arena helps EVIDENCE2e-CODEX to develop and promote the ‘true to life’ example for electronic evidence exchange. The event welcomed DG Justice and Consumers and e-CODEX representatives, officials from INTERPOL, EUROJUST, EUROPOL, OLAF, International Criminal Court, National Chambers of Judicial Officers, European Judicial Network, and the Ministries of Justice and/or Prosecutor’s Office from Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, as well as experts from digital forensics companies, academia and national/international organizations working in the field of judicial cooperation.

More than 50 experts from the digital justice and forensics community gathered to discuss and network over presentations from project partners and stakeholders. The event opened with a project introduction to the evidence exchange scenario, the benefits of using a standard for evidence representation, the CASE language, and the architecture, API and main functionalities of the EESP Application.

Further on, the workshop was designed around six main discussion topics:

functionality and GUI of the EESP Application in the context of its use on national level;

potential integration of the EESP Application with other platforms, especially the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System, developed by EC;

forensic tools software development companies’ perspective on CASE, highlighting a growing awareness and sensibility toward the importance to adopt this language as a standard in the future;

data protection issues and other concerns of legal nature;

dealing with exchange of large file of evidence; and

a discussion on the other platforms currently in use for purposes of evidence exchange and the issues/solutions that these platforms are experiencing.

Each session was organized around a technical overview and/or demo of the specific features, followed by a panel discussion.

All presentations given during the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX 'Meeting the Technical Community: Validation of the Evidence Exchange Standard Package Application' Workshop, including agenda, venue information, photos, etc. can be found here.

Full summary of the event and а brief on the EVIDENCE2e-CODEX evidence exchange scenario can be found in the event brief.